Here’s a list of recent blog posts. There’s also a list of what I’ve written on Medium.

  • New photo albums on Flickr
    For the first time in a long while, I’ve uploaded photos to my Flickr photostream. These are mostly from various days out since August last year. Speke Hall Speke Hall […]
  • New new new new new iPhone
    Last week, I bought myself a new iPhone 13 Mini. This is the fifth iPhone model I’ve owned: As you can see, with each model I’ve kept it a little […]
  • More in common
    Speaking of cars, a few weeks ago I was driving along the M62 towards Manchester, when I was overtaken by someone driving the same car as me, a first-generation Peugeot […]
  • Adding CarPlay to your car without installing a new stereo system
    I’m someone who always has my phone doing something passively in my car whilst driving – whether it’s listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks, or giving me directions in Google […]
  • Adventures in setting up Homebridge for HomeKit
    A recent project of mine has been to get Homebridge up and running. It’s a server-based program that acts as a bridge between smart devices in the home, and Apple’s […]