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December 26, 2013
by Neil Turner
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Ranking messaging apps by how much I use them

Between the likes of WhatsApp, BBM, iMessage and various others, there have never been more ways to send short text-based messages to each other. I’ve been using instant messaging services since 1999, when my parents first signed up for dial-up … Continue reading

August 8, 2012
by Neil Turner

Enabling two factor authentication across the web

Yesterday I talked about what can happen if someone is able to break into your iCloud account, and also the importance of two-factor authentication, which may have thwarted that specific attack had the account owner enabled it on his Google … Continue reading

September 30, 2011
by Neil Turner
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Deliciously New

Delicious, the social bookmarking service, launched version 3.0 of its site earlier this week. It’s come after an interesting few months for the site; a leaked slide from an internal presentation by its previous owners Yahoo! suggested that it was … Continue reading