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If you wish to contact me, then my email address is – I’m happy to receive email but I get a lot so while I do read everything I can’t guarantee a reply. Before emailing, please bear the following in mind:

  • I’m happy to hear from PR agencies provided what you are offering is relevant to me and this blog. I’m based in Yorkshire, work full time and mostly focus on technology, computing, social media and photography.
  • However, I’d prefer not to just receive press releases (I’m not the press), and reserve the right to ignore embargoes.
  • I’m not interested in link exchanges and will generally ignore them.
  • I don’t accept offers of guest articles – all content is my own and I want it to stay that way.
  • If you want to purchase advertising, consider approaching Google with whom I already advertise.


I also have a PGP key if you want to send me something securely using PGP or GnuPG.


If you’d prefer to use Twitter, I’m @nrturner.

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