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col·o·phon – An inscription placed usually at the end of a book, giving facts about its publication. From

Why a Colophon?

Because all the really cool kids have them, and because I believe some people may like to know more about what I use to maintain this site.

Why ‘Neil Turner’s blog’?

Because I’m Neil Turner and this is my blog. For the first 6 and a half years it was called ‘Neil’s World’, which was rather corny and eventually I decided to drop the name. I’ve grown up a lot since 2002 and wanted a slightly more adult name, but I didn’t want to go for something obscure.

What’s this running on?

This site lives on a virtual server running Debian Linux and the Apache web server, and is hosted by the lovely people at Bytemark, as of March 2010.

When I started blogging in January 2002, it was on Blogger and hosted on whatever free web space I get my hands on. Later that year, I bought this domain and switched to Movable Type, which I used right up until 2011. I briefly used Melody, an open-source fork of Movable Type, and finally moved to WordPress in June 2011 which is what I use now.

Who designed it?

Originally I used my own templates but I felt the design was looking tired, and it wasn’t keeping up with the new features of Movable Type, especially in version 4, so I switched to a variation of the default theme. With WordPress, I’m using the Yoko theme by Elmastudio, with some minor modifications.

Who is behind this site then?

Information about me is now on a separate page.