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Adventures with a two and a half year old toddler


Lizzie is now a bit over two and a half years old. I’m writing this last week, at the end of a week off work looking after her. She’s asleep after a visit to one of Halifax’s many soft play centres.

Her vocabulary is expanding every day. She’s very good at naming animals, although not perfect. She’s not quite mastered the difference between a cow and a horse, even though Spirit: Riding Free is one of her favourite Netflix shows. When she’s relaxed, she will be quite talkative, and more and more of her babble is coalescing into understandable English. We can have a reasonable conversation with her now.

However, if she’s tired or upset, she can struggle to find the words. And unfortunately she sometimes acts out that frustration in a physical way. We’re trying to get her to say ‘sorry’ but it can prove difficult.

Size-wise, she seems to have inherited long legs from my side of the family. We may have to put her in age 3-4 trousers and tights soon, although she’s still in age 2-3 up top. This is something of a surprise, as up until she turned 2, she was usually in one clothing size below her age. It’s good that she has caught up though.

Potty training isn’t really going anywhere. She showed some interest in using a potty before Christmas, but we haven’t been making a big issue of it and she hasn’t really bothered at home. With her potentially being able to start pre-school in a year’s time, we’ll need to re-start this soon.

Her chicken pox from May cleared up after a few days, but unfortunately she has ended up with some scars. I suppose that this was inevitable, given her young age. I ended up with one scar when I had it aged six, by comparison.

We’re still co-sleeping, at least for part of the night. She tends to settle with us, and then we transfer her to her own bed (in our room) once she’s asleep. She then usually makes her own way back into our bed after a few hours. Once her room is ready for her, we’ll try to encourage her to sleep in there.

Now that Lizzie is getting older, Christine and I have talked about whether we want any more kids. We think we do, but the time isn’t right yet. For now, we’re happy enough with just one Lizzie.

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