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Eurovision 2018

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Tonight is the annual Eurovision song contest. We probably won’t be watching it this year; in previous years, we’ve been to or hosted a Eurovision party with friends. No-one invited us this time, and we weren’t sufficiently organised to host one ourselves. And the 8pm start isn’t very conducive to Lizzie’s bedtime.

However, as per usual, I listened to all of the songs on Spotify – here’s the official playlist. This includes the songs that are in the semi-finals (held this week on Tuesday and Thursday), but which did not make it to tonight’s final. Including a song by Russia, surprisingly. Clearly those Russian bots were not able to influence the voting.

I’ve linked one of the favourites, ‘Toy’ by Nessa from Israel, above. It’s certainly a distinctive song; I like it, and can see why it’s tipped to do well. It would also be 20 years since Israel won with ‘Viva’ by Dana International.

As for Britain, we have SuRie with ‘Storm’. It’s not a bad song, but we never do well because the rest of Europe hates us, especially after the Brexit referendum. Although it would be hilarious if the rest of Europe decided to troll us, by all giving ‘Royaume-Unis, douze points‘ and ensuring that we have to host Eurovision only a few weeks after we formally leave the European Union at the end of March 2019.

If you’re based in America, you can watch Eurovision as well – it’ll be on Logo TV, and commentary will be provided by Ross Matthews and Shangela, who you may know from RuPaul’s Drag Race. As much as I appreciate Graham Norton’s commentary here in the UK, part of me hopes to find a stream of the American broadcast too. Clearly, at least someone in America understands that Eurovision is a massive camp fest. Speaking of Eurovision and Drag Race, this was a rather unexpected tweet from the BBC:

Bearing in mind that BBC Four is normally quite a high arts channel, and only broadcasts the Eurovision semi-finals because BBC Three was closed as a linear TV channel.

I look forward to finding out who wins on Sunday morning.

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  1. After scrolling through my Twitter timeline it became clear pretty quick that it was Eurovision night. I must admit since leaving the shores of Blighty I haven’t seen it. So prolly, say, 1994 maybe?

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