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Unexpected afternoon off

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I’m unexpectedly off work this afternoon, which gives me an (increasingly rare) opportunity to write a blog post.

Sadly it’s not for a good reason – Lizzie is ill and I’ve had to bring her home from the childminder. She’s currently asleep, as I write this. She’s recovered from the chicken pox, although she still has a lot of scabs remaining and I think she will end up with a few small scars as a result. But now she seems to be ill with something else. This has resulted in her having two changes of clothes before lunchtime.

Normally, if I’m off work during the week, I spend the time doing housework, so that I can free up quality time at the weekends. But with me being off with Lizzie last week, and the bank holiday on Monday, we’re pretty much on top with housework (at least, the essential stuff). So, for once, I can spend some leisure time in front of a computer without feeling guilty. Besides, I don’t want to do any noisy work as I might otherwise wake Lizzie up, so no vacuuming.

Provided that Lizzie remains asleep, I’ll get on with writing a few more blog posts for the rest of this week. I still have lots of ideas for blog posts listed in Evernote, but haven’t had the time to flesh these out and write them down. And I still have a backlog of photos to review and upload to Flickr, following some more days out in new places. Hopefully I’ll get there in time.

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  1. Bless her having chicken pox. I got it quite badly when I was 20. For some reason I avoided it during childhood.

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