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A pox on your house!


Lizzie has chicken pox.

It’s not an unexpected development. One of the other kids at her childminder got spots a couple of weeks ago, and so we’ve been on ‘pox watch’ ever since. Lizzie’s spots started appearing on Friday, and now they’re everywhere.

Thankfully, she’s doing okay so far. Apart from a fever last night, and the spots, she’s been mostly her usual self. Most importantly, she’s still eating and drinking.

Taking Saturday as day one, hopefully by Thursday her symptoms will have eased.

Christine and I have both have had chicken pox. I had it when I was six, in my upper infant year at primary school. And she’s the last child to get it at her childminder. I’m glad that she’s got it out of the way at a relatively young age. My dad, by comparison, didn’t get it until he was in his 20s, resulting in a rather embarrassing phone call to his boss when he had to phone in sick to work, with what is generally seen as a childhood disease.

The NHS Choices web site has a good overview of chicken pox and how to treat it. As it’s a relatively mild disease in children, the NHS does not routinely offer the vaccine. Those in at-risk groups can get it free on the NHS but to pay for it privately costs around £130, and it’s delivered as two separate doses. Boots offer it at a handful of their stores.

I’m hoping the next few days will pass without too much incident.

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