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Two and a quarter


Photo of Lizzie

Lizzie, my daughter, is now two and a quarter (hey, that rhymes!). She’s been walking for over a year now and is quite confident, so we’re using her pushchair less. She’s also caught up with her growth, so she went into age 2-3 clothes at age 2. In fact, I reckon she’ll be into age 3-4 before she’s age 3 at this rate.

Her vocabulary is gradually expanding. At times, she can string a few words into a sentence, and she’s getting better at asking for what she wants. Although, for some reason, ‘marp’ means ‘I’m thirsty’ and I have no idea where this came from.

We are, as you would expect, in the ‘terrible twos’. Toddlers at this age often struggle to handle their emotions and Lizzie is no exception. On Saturday she awoke from a brief nap to what was essentially an hour-long meltdown in Hebden Bridge. Unfortunately, she will sometimes get past the stage where she can remember what upset her in the first place and yesterday was a typical example. By comparison, she had a mini meltdown about half an hour ago which was alleviated by hugs, something to drink, something to nibble on, and Paw Patrol. Whilst she’s not glued to the TV and we’re not the sort of family who has the TV constantly on in the background, let’s just say that we get our money’s worth out of our Netflix subscription and TV licence fee.

Lizzie loves animals, and so we often go to various open farms and places like Tropical World to let her see and learn about animals. I’ve reviewed a few of these places in the past (Cannon Hall Farm, Ponderosa, Tropical World) and we made another return visit to Temple Newsam last weekend. Sadly we’re not really able to have pets – I’m allergic to a lot of animals and I don’t think we could adequately look after one anyway.

Apart from refusing to be be weighed and measured, she passed her recent two year review with the health visitor with no issues. Her development is normal and despite feeling a little under the weather she was happily playing whilst we answered questions.

I’ve had quite a few ‘daddy days’ with her on my own this year. Christine has had to work several weekends, including yesterday as I write this. It’s been good to spend quality time as just the two of us and she seems to enjoy herself. Whilst babies usually bond naturally with their mothers, bonding with the mother’s partner takes work and I’m glad that it seems to have paid off.

We still need to get on and get Lizzie’s room decorated for her. She’s still sleeping in our bedroom at present, although we’ve turned her cot into a toddler bed.

On the whole, I’d say parenting is going pretty well, all things considered.

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