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It’s been a little quiet around here…


So one of my new years resolutions was to blog more, and yet, this is only my fourth blog post in as many months. And I managed to completely miss both February and March. Whoops.

It hasn’t been for a lack of things to say, rather a lack of time to say it. I mentioned my PRINCE2 course in March, which I promise I’ll write about soon; that took up a rather intensive week plus preparation. We also had a fun weekend at Sci Fi Weekender in Wales, and several day trips, including Scarborough.

Part of the problem is finding time to edit photos to go on Flickr, which I then link to on here. I do my photo editing on my now 8 year old Mac Mini, which is rather slow. And, whilst I’m using it, I can’t supervise Lizzie as it’s in the dining room in a corner. However, tomorrow is a customary holiday at work. So, I’m hoping that I’ll have time whilst Christine is at work and Lizzie is with our childminder to get on and catch up with all of the photos I’ve taken, and write some blog posts.

This Easter Christine has been working quite a bit, so I’ve been looking after Lizzie myself. We made a return visit to Springtime Live; this is the third year that we’ve been and Lizzie is now old enough for most of the activities. She also enjoyed watching Mr Bloom, whom she hasn’t recognised in previous years. Yesterday we went to the Yorkshire Museum of Farming, which is near York at Murton Park; again, full review and photos to follow. And today we’re going to York Model Railway Show; I last went with my dad a couple of years ago but this’ll be Lizzie’s first time.

So, sorry for the lack of new content, but I’m hoping to do something about it.

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