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16 years of blogging


Today marks yet another ‘blogiversary’. It’s been 16 years since I started writing blog posts here.

Times have changed; in 2002, I was 17, single, living with my parents and studying for my A-levels. Now I’m 33, approaching five years of marriage, living in my own house with my wife and two year old daughter, and working full-time.

The blog has changed as well. Years ago, I’d sometimes post several times a day, sometimes with very short entries. Nowadays, short thoughts go on Twitter or Facebook, and I tend to write longer blog posts less frequently.

I realise that we’re halfway through January and this is only my second blog post. It is my aim to post more on here and avoid completely fallow months like November last year. I have several ideas jotted down in Evernote and will get those written up in due course.

So here’s to another year of blogging.

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