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What to expect in 2018


I mentioned a few forthcoming things in my 2017 review yesterday, but here’s what I expect to happen in 2018:

  • Although Lizzie turned 2 this month, we’re planning a proper birthday party for her in the new year. We didn’t do one last year as I don’t think she would’ve known what was going on, but I think she’ll enjoy having a party.
  • In June, we’re going on holiday! We’re spending 10 days in France with my parents. It’ll be Lizzie’s first trip abroad, and the first time that I’ve been out of the country since my Middle East trip for work in 2015. And it’ll be my first time driving abroad.
  • We have two weddings in the calendar. One is the day after our own wedding anniversary in May, and the other is later in the year.
  • I’m hoping to buy a new iPad, and perhaps a new phone – I will have had my iPhone 5S for three years in February.
  • More work on the house. We’ve nearly finished the downstairs, but the room that will be Lizzie’s bedroom needs a lot more work.
  • Education! Christine starts a part-time university course for a few months in January, and I’m taking a project management course in March.
  • Whilst we haven’t booked anything, we’re hoping for another London trip.

Let’s hope that 2018 is a good year.

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