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RHEQs – 106-120

I’m working my way through Richard Herring’s Emergency Questions book, 15 questions at a time. This week, it’s questions 106-120. You can read more about this project herePlease be aware that some of the questions are somewhat vulgar.

106. What do you consider to be the most mediocre chocolate bar?

I’ve never been a been a fan of Double Deckers. Too chewy for my liking.

107. What is the most unconvincing lie you have ever told?

Something at primary school, a couple of days before parents evening. I can’t remember what it was, but my parents told the real story and weren’t very happy with me.

108. Would you be willing to eat a bowl of crickets for $40,000?

Yes. Especially if I had some say in how the crickets were prepared – they may taste quite nice if sauteed with some garlic and herbs. And it’s a decent amount of money.

109. What happened to Lazarus the second time he died?

I’m guessing he died in an uneventful way.

110. If a serial killer kills another serial killer does that work like conkers?

Well, I don’t have a background in law, but I’d guess this would be a ‘no’.

111. What is your favourite keyboard shortcut?

Ctrl+Alt+Delete, because it means I’m locking my screen for a break.

112. Would you prefer to live in an igloo or have to dance the fandango every day at 9pm for the rest of your life?

Living in an igloo sounds much more fun.

113. Would you rather have no ears or no dignity?

No ears. I could grow my hair longer to cover their absence, and would hopefully have access to some kind of hearing aid. Or could learn sign language.

114. If you had to would you rather give up chocolate or cheese? If you had to.

That would be difficult, but I would choose cheese. I probably have something chocolately every day, but I eat cheese less often.

115. If you had the power to bring down planes with your mind, would you be able to resist doing so just once? Just to check you really could? Or would you do it loads anyway, laughing at the destruction you had wrought?

I’d like to think I would resist from doing it ever. Hopefully it wouldn’t be a thing that could happen accidentally. I’d hate to accidentally bring down a plane somewhere just because I was having a bad day.

116. What’s the strangest thing you ever found in your junk email?

Spam email asking if I was interested in bulk-buying mops.

117. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever tried to squeeze down the drain in a shower?

Someone else’s poo.

118. Would you prefer to have a superpower which allowed you to predict the next day’s weather with 75% accuracy or be able to assess if food past its sell-by date was still safe to eat?

The latter. I use CARROT Weather and it seems to be good enough for showing what the weather will be like. Whereas knowing whether I need to chuck something out or could hang onto it might save me a bit of money and reduce waste.

119. If you could choose which liquid you weed, what liquid would you wee?


120. What modern day item do you think will seem ridiculously archaic in 10 years time?

Desktop computers with mice. I think touchscreen tablets with docking stations are the likely future.

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  1. Windows Key + L is all I need to go on break.
    Enjoying the series of questions and answers!