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Richard Herring’s Emergency Questions book

Richard Herring's Emergency Questions book

As a fan of Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, aka RHLSTP (RHLSTP!), I’ve bought myself a copy of his Emergency Questions book.

Emergency questions are a regular feature in the podcast; as discussed in the book’s foreword, they make it harder for Herring to run out of questions to ask whilst doing his interviews. The questions have sometimes become memes, due to their ridiculousness. For example, would you like a hand made out of ham, or an armpit that dispenses sun cream? Herring has compiled 500 of these questions, many of which he has used in the podcast, and put them all together in a book.

As you will be aware, sometimes I struggle to find things to write about and go for a few days/weeks without writing anything. So, I’ve bough myself a copy of the book (well, e-book), and, starting tomorrow, will plan to answer 15 questions each week from the book.

I’m aware that 15 isn’t a multiplication factor of 500. But I feel it’s a nice number to attempt each week, and it should give me 34 weeks of weekly content. That’ll take me nicely into 2018. I can’t guarantee I’ll get around to it every week, but I’ll try to post a new entry every Friday if I can. So, look forward to answers to questions such as number 278: Which was your favourite McWhirter Twin?

(Clearly, I’ll need to research who the McWhirter twins are before then…)

If you want your own copy of the Emergency Questions book, you can buy it from Go Faster Stripe. A physical copy of the book is £10 plus postage and packing, or you can get an instant download of the e-book for £7. Sales of the book go towards the cost of filming future episodes of RHLSTP, so if you enjoy listening to the podcast, this is a good way of supporting it. And if you don’t currently listen to it, I’d recommend it – it’s both very silly and also quite interesting.

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