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18 months of parenting

Lizzie on a tiny tractor Lizzie is now 18 months old.

On the whole, I would say that parenting is a bit easier. We’re used to each other know, and Lizzie is more communicative and so she can gesture for things. She still can’t really talk properly but the occasional word comes out. It makes a difference from her crying, and us having to work through a mental list (food, drink, pain, comfort, tiredness, boredom etc.) to work out what’s wrong.

She’s quite a confident walker now, and can just about run on flat ground without falling over. Fortunately, she’s still on the small side, having only grown into 12-18 month clothes at 16 months old. This means that we can still carry in a sling, which was a godsend on our recent trip to London. As much as the Tube has improved its step-free access over the years, there were still plenty of occasions where we would’ve struggled with a pushchair. Perhaps I’ll write a separate blog post on the subject.

That being said, she has recently put on a growth spurt. In eight weeks, she has gone up 1 1/2 shoe sizes. We tend to buy her shoes from an outlet shop, as there’s no point in spending lots of money on shoes that she wears for a matter of weeks.

We’re still co-sleeping with her. We took one of the sides down from her cot, to encourage her to sleep in it, but she doesn’t seem interested. I’m sure we’ll manage someday, and it’ll get easier when we can talk to her and reassure her that she’s safe.

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