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Last chance to register to vote

Register to vote banner on the old Odeon cinema in Bradford

Hello, people of the United Kingdom. As you may be aware, there is a general election on the 8th June. If you would like to be able to vote in it, then you have until midnight tonight to register to vote.

Here’s the form to complete. It takes no more than a few minutes. You just need to give your personal details, current address and national insurance number, if you have it. If you’re of ‘no fixed abode’, then you can still register to vote using this form. And those in Northern Ireland will need to use this form.

If your local council has already sent you your polling card, then you’re registered. But if not, I’d suggest filling the registration form out just in case, even if you think you’ve already done so. Because if you don’t, you may not be able to vote come June 8th.


If you’re a student, and you live away from home to attend university, you can use this tool to decide whether to register to vote at your term-time or home address. Based on previous polling data and your home/term-time postcodes, it’ll let you know how safe each seat is, and therefore where your vote is most likely to have an impact. Although I’m no longer a student, my parents (unfortunately) live in a safe Conservative seat, whereas Labour won the Halifax constituency by a whisker last time.

Recent polls have put the gap between Labour and the Conservatives down to single digit percentages, meaning that it’s likely to be a close election. The Conservatives are defending a majority of just six seats, and the electoral landscape has changed significantly in the month since the election was announced. It’s about to get very interesting, so make sure you register to vote and have your say in the outcome.

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