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Shroggs Park, Halifax

Shroggs Park

At risk of this blog becoming a review of parks of Calderdale, here’s a few words about another park that I’ve visited recently: Shroggs Park in Halifax. You can also read my post about Centre Vale Park in Todmorden.

Shroggs Park sits on a high point above Halifax, overlooking Ovenden and the huge Dean Clough mill complex. It’s a typical public park dating from the 19th century, I presume, with a bandstand, bowling green and space to play ball games. There’s also a small skate park, playground and a tennis court. The latter was covered in graffiti, although I suspect this may have been deliberate; some of the graffiti was quite artistic. On the back of the bowling green clubhouse, there was a spray-painted mural of St George and a dragon; fittingly, I had visited on St Georges Day.

Compared to Halifax’s other parks, such as Manor Heath and the Peoples’ Park, Shroggs Park felt a bit more rundown. I guess that has to do with it being close to less affluent areas of the town. But whilst there were fewer flowers and planting, it was still clean and tidy when I visited.

As with my trip to Todmorden a few weeks ago, my visit to Shroggs Park was a combination of keeping Lizzie entertained and catching Pokémon. Parks are often home to nests of less common Pokémon, and at the time it was home to a number of Girafarigs. Christine and I are both in a local Pokémon Go Facebook group, so that we can share information about rare spawns.

Shroggs Park was nice to visit for a change. It helped that it was a nice, sunny day, but even then, it was quiet. There weren’t many other families there at the time we visited.

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