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No more Links from Pinboard (for now)

You may have noticed that there was no Links from Pinboard post last week. This seems to be because of a problem with the RSS Digest plugin that I use.

It looks like a recent update to WordPress has broken it. The settings pages on the WordPress dashboard no longer work, so I can’t check to see why it didn’t post. Furthermore, the plugin appears to have been abandoned with no updates since 2011 – approximately when I started using WordPress myself.

There’s a premium version, called RSS Digest Pro, but I can’t be sure if that works either – the web site still says ‘Copyright 2011’. And I’m not about to spend $59 to find out if it does. So, for now, there’ll be no more links posted on Saturday mornings.

I have looked into replacements. Whilst there are plenty of plugins out there that can import content from an RSS feed, I’ve not been able to find one that posts a digest in the way that RSS Digest does. I don’t want a new blog post for every new item in the RSS feed.

Until I find a solution, you can view my links on Pinboard itself. Most links also get tweeted out, so follow me on Twitter if you want to see these links sooner. And if you’re aware of an alternative way of posting a weekly digest of links from Pinboard, please let me know.

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  1. I use the ‘WP Pinboard’ plugin. Maybe give it a whirl to see if you can tailor it to your needs?