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Some collected thoughts about today’s General Election annoucement

  • Oh bloody hell.
  • I’m almost certainly going to vote for Labour, but I expect them to get trounced on June 8th.
  • The Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 means that two thirds of MPs must vote in favour of the election, but I expect that they will.
  • Thankfully I had nothing planned for June 8th.
  • It would be hilarious if Theresa May loses her seat. It won’t happen, but if it did, it would be hilarious.
  • Northern Ireland parties aside, the Conservatives and UKIP are the only pro-Brexit parties, and the latter currently has 0 MPs. And even though 48% of those who voted in last year’s referendum voted to stay in the EU, I bet the Conservatives win a larger majority.
  • Bloody, bloody hell.
  • PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE if you haven’t already done so. May be worth filling out the form anyway just in case. And if you’ll be on holiday on the 8th June, then make sure that you have a postal vote.
  • I reckon that the SNP will hang on to most of their seats in Scotland.
  • So much for those boundary changes, eh?
  • I bet this’ll knacker the turnout for the local council elections on the 4th May.
  • I’ll be surprised if UKIP manages even 1 MP after the 8th June.
  • I really, really hope that Philip Davies loses his seat in Shipley.
  • Whoever wins the Manchester Gorton by-election on the 4th May won’t be in power for very long.
  • Bloody hell.

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