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A list of my unpopular opinions

I’ve seen people post lists of their ‘unpopular’ opinions – things they believe that are controversial or not popular with many others. Here are 25 of mine.

  1. No-one really likes sprouts, and trying to find innovative ways to cook them is just accepting that they taste horrible on their own.
  2. Not only do I think that Britain should have voted to stay in the EU, but that we should integrate more with the EU by adopting the Schengen agreement.
  3. That we were wrong to reject the AV voting system in the 2011 election.
  4. I liked Graham Linehan’s 1999 sitcom Hippies and own the DVD.
  5. Snapchat is weird.
  6. Ed Milliband would’ve been a better prime minister than Theresa May.
  7. We should have more speed cameras in Britain, and be more willing to ban people from driving if they can’t do so within the law.
  8. I’m in favour of the building of High Speed 2.
  9. There’s no point boycotting something unless you can get a critical mass of people to do it.
  10. Bradford is a better city than many people make it out to be.
  11. Tea is over-rated.
  12. It’s okay to decide that you want to have pets rather than your own children.
  13. Microsoft Office is still far better than any competing office suites.
  14. Immigration is generally a good thing, and most immigrants want to work and pay taxes.
  15. I don’t mind my rubbish bin being collected once a fortnight, rather than once a week.
  16. The British education system is pretty good, on the whole.
  17. Sometimes it’s better to do what you think is the wrong thing, if it’s better for most others.
  18. Not paying for music/films etc. is morally wrong, and takes money away from the people that create the things we like.
  19. Sentencing people to death is never the right thing to do, no matter how serious the crime.
  20. Most criminals need help and rehabilitation.
  21. Apple Music is not as good as Spotify, which is cheaper and works on more platforms.
  22. Whilst I use Google services a lot, I feel uneasy about just how much they know about me.
  23. Samsung is not the best Android handset manufacturer.
  24. iTunes, for all its faults (especially on Windows), is still a better music player than most others.
  25. Commuting to work by train is quicker and less stressful than driving in city centres.


  1. So out of interest, what/who do you think is the best android manufacturer out there? I do like my S7 but the battery life on these devices are terrible. Even in power saving mode all the time I get about 1/2 day out of mine.

    • Huwaei’s P9 and P10 handsets are very good, and much cheaper than equivalent Samsung handsets. I don’t use Android phones so I can’t really comment too much, but rival manufacturers produce good phones that are much cheaper.

  2. Based on the news that broke yesterday on Samsung at it looks like anything could be better – 🙂