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Walk this way

Photo of Lizzie with a stick Lizzie is getting quite good at walking now. After her first few steps in February, her confidence has grown and now walking on just her two feet is her favourite way to get around.

She’s much steadier on her feet. She still falls over a lot, mainly when she tried to run, but she gets back up quickly. We make sure that she gets some walking practice at least one a day, including outside if we can.

We’ve bought her a Little Life toddler rucksack, which comes with a rein so that she can’t run too far away.

It’s meant that we haven’t always needed to take her pram with us on days out. We have quite a bulky Bugaboo stroller that we inherited from relatives, and so not having to push it around as much is a boon.

She’s very talkative – but almost none of what she says corresponds to any recognisable language; it’s all just babble. She sometimes says ‘mama’, ‘daddy’, ‘hiya’ and ‘bye bye’ but her vocabulary hasn’t progressed much. Maybe now that she’s walking, she will start to learn more about communication.

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