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Thurty questions

Last week, I did a meme-y thing for the first time in ages, having found it stowed away in Evernote. Scrolling further, I found another one, from December 2014, that I never did. This one is also from Dave2 from Blogography.

  1. If you could have chosen your own birth name, what would it be? I think I would have preferred to be a Tom, rather than a Neil. Lots of people mis-spell Neil – especially Starbucks baristas.
  2. Do you have a piece of jewellery you wear every single day? My wedding ring. Also, my Fitbit, if that counts, since it doubles-up as a watch.
  3. Do you collect anything? If so, what? If not, what would you collect if you had the money/resources? I used to collect stamps, and had several volumes, sorted by country. Nowadays… Pokémon?
  4. What’s your favourite video game console and your favourite game for that console? The only console I’ve ever owned was a Sega Mega Drive. That was when I was a student, around 2004/5, and I rarely played it. James Pond was probably my favourite game. Wipeout 2097, for the PlayStation, and Metal Gear Solid 2 for the PS2 were the games that made me go ‘wow’ at the time they were released.
  5. Yogurt or pudding? Yogurt for lunch, pudding for dinner.
  6. If you could get one tattoo without any pain for free, would you? What would you get and where on your body? No – I’m too indecisive, and tattoos are permanent.
  7. Do you still talk to the friends you had when you were a child? A handful – my best friend from my first year at primary school was one of my ushers at my wedding.
  8. If you could take over a country, what country would it be? Isle of Man – it’s pretty, and small enough that it wouldn’t be a catastrophe if I utterly ruined it by accident.
  9. Do you prefer your Ramen as a pasta with less broth, or more like a soup with more broth? Less broth. For me, soup is something you eat with bread, rather than noodles.
  10. Do you have an accent? If so, what kind? I have a mild Yorkshire accent, which becomes even milder when speaking on the phone and stronger when speaking to Christine or work colleagues.
  11. How do you pronounce pecan? With minor emphasis on the ‘pe’.
  12. Did you have a blankie or stuffed animal you carried everywhere as a toddler? I had ‘Teddy’, which was an old, theadbare Paddington Bear. My grandma knitted him a tiny jumper. I still have him somewhere.
  13. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset. I’m not a morning person.
  14. Are you good at card games? Generally no. I play Solitaire on my phone quite a bit though.
  15. Favourite kind of Poptarts? I don’t think I’ve ever eaten one.
  16. Rainy weather, snowy weather, or sunny weather? I prefer sunny, but also like snowy. I’m not a big fan of rain, despite living in the Pennine area of England where it rains a lot.
  17. Are/were you in any after school activities in school? If so, what one(s)? I was in a school performance of Bugsy Malone one year at secondary school. I had 6 minor parts; only 1 was a speaking part, and it had just one line.
  18. At what age did you develop your first crush? Share a story about it if you wish. I had a few crushes at secondary school that never really went anywhere. I’m sort-of still in contact with one of those people.
  19. McDonald’s or Burger King? Not a big fan of either, but the last time I went to Burger King, earlier this year, I was really disappointed. McDonald’s was better but I’d rather go to somewhere like Five Guys or Gourmet Burger Kitchen.
  20. White chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate? Milk chocolate. White chocolate is okay but I don’t like the bitterness of dark.
  21. Coffee or tea and what kind? This was in last week’s post as well. Coffee with a large amount of steamed milk. I usually go for a latte, mocha, cappuccino or macchiato.
  22. Favourite memory from a sleepover with your best friend? I don’t have any favourite memories. I had sleepovers as a kid, but clearly they weren’t memorable experiences.
  23. Favourite brand of chips? (i.e. Doritos, Lays, Tostidos). I’m assuming this is referring to crisps, in which case, Seabrooks. Pipers are good too, but expensive. Kettle Chips are okay.
  24. Favourite scented candle fragrance? I’m not a scented candle person.
  25. What’s your favourite place to eat out at? Favourite chain restaurant is probably Nando’s, or Jamie’s Italian. Gimbal’s in Sowerby Bridge is our favourite local restaurant.
  26. When you go to the mall, where’s the first place you always seem to go to? The baby changing facilities, since shopping malls have much better facilities than most shops.
  27. Do you enjoy mosh pits? No – never did when I was younger, and I certainly wouldn’t now.
  28. Favourite sound track from any video game or movie? Favourite musical film would have to be Hairspray (the new one based on the stage show).
  29. Do you prefer to drink out of plastic or glass cups? I have a toddler, so we drink mostly out of plastic cups nowadays.
  30. Do you prefer minty gum or fruity gum? What’s your favourite brand? I don’t chew gum. Never have done.

I’ve got another of these in Evernote to do next week. Maybe I should pay more attention to the things I save in there?

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