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And I would walk 500 millimetres…

Lizzie on her rocking moose On Sunday, Lizzie walked unaided for the first time. She’s been ‘coasting’ along furniture for some time, and she’ll walk a reasonable distance with both hands held, but Sunday was the first time that she did it with just her feet.

Naturally, I was asleep at the time and missed it. But thankfully, it wasn’t a one-off and she’s done it again a few times since.

She’s also getting very good at climbing. Last Monday, we built her Ikea Ekorre rocking moose (because they’re Swedish). For a few days, she could happily rock herself on it and climb off, but getting on was a challenge. But, with a bit of practice, she soon overcame the challenge of getting on, and can now jump on and off when she wants to.

When it comes to food, she’s often eating the same meals as us. She has seven teeth now and it’s enough for her to be able to chomp down on things like pasta and cheese. Christine is still breastfeeding first thing in the morning, and in the evenings, but she gets most of her food intake from actual solid food now.

I know these posts are probably really boring for some of you, but seeing your child grow and develop is such a fantastic thing. Right now, both Christine and I are really enjoying parenting.

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  1. She is so cute. I hope she has a good future days in her life. Sending love to all of you.