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App of the Week: Wi-fi Widget

Screenshot of Wifi Widget on iOSThis week’s app is really simple. Wi-Fi Widget adds a notification area widget to your iOS device which tells you quickly which wifi network you’re connected to.

And that’s basically it, although you can also use it as a way of storing wifi passwords, and for testing your latency.

It’s something that I find quite useful. Normally, to find out the name of the currently-connected wifi network, you have top unlock your device and open the settings app. This makes it much more accessible. It’s particularly helpful when out and about, as my phone connects to various saved public wifi networks automatically and it’s useful to know which one.

Wi-Fi Widget is available from the App Store for 99p. Hat tip to Lifehacker.

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  1. Sounds like a very useful app discovery – definitely one to try out. Thanks for sharing! It’s great to continually search for new apps that can help simplify life and assist you like this. Smartphones truly are a smart invention and have really changed the way we communicate and interact.