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A £5 win on the Free Postcode Lottery

Free Postcode Lottery home page screenshot

I blogged about the Free Postcode Lottery a couple of years ago. It’s a lottery that has daily draws, that costs nothing to enter and winners are selected by postcode. Back then, the daily jackpot was £80. It’s steadily increased since then and has just been raised to £400.

There are also several extra draws now. As well as the main draw and the ‘stackpot’, which both existed back in early 2015, there’s:

  • A survey draw, where one postcode is drawn per day and it’s unlocked after completing a short survey (but you can usually opt out).
  • A video draw, where one postcode is drawn per day and it’s unlocked part-way through watching a video.
  • Two bonus draws, for those who have accumulated at least £5 and £10 bonuses respectively.
  • A weekly draw for a £50 Quidco voucher.
  • A daily mini draw for £100, which is at the bottom of the home page and only viewable between 6pm and midnight each day.
  • Random flash draws, where instead of showing an advert, you’ll get a banner to click on to win £5. It’s also an incentive to switch off your ad blocker, as the site is funded by advertising.

After almost two years of playing, I finally won the last of these. If you win, you get the money sent by Paypal to your registered email address within 48 hours. £5 was nice, but unfortunately it’s the one draw where you don’t also get credited your accumulated bonus. And having played for almost two years, my bonus stands at £22.48, so the payout would’ve been much greater had this been the case.

I still log in (just about!) every day to see if I’ve won anything, and to accumulate my bonus. It doesn’t cost anything, and only takes a minute each day. Whilst the chances of winning are low, a £400 windfall would be quite useful right now.

If you’re not already playing, you can sign-up using my referral link, and boost my bonus a little further. It is, as you may have guessed, UK-only, but the Free Emoji Lottery is available to everyone, and run by the same people.

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