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App of the week: Namexif

Screenshot of Namexif

It’s been a long time since I last did an ‘app of the week’ post – March 2015, to be exact. I hope I’ll find more time to review apps this year but won’t make any promises.

Anyhow, here’s today’s app: Namexif. Namexif is a simple app that allows you to bulk-rename JPEG images based on the date the image was taken. Just about all digital cameras, including smartphones, store the date and time that the photo was taken. This data is saved in the image file’s Exif header, along with information about exposure, and so on. Namexif uses this Exif data to rename your files. So instead of having a folder full of files called ‘IMG_0052.JPG’, you can have something like ‘2016-12-25 12.34.35.JPG’. It’s a small improvement.

I sought out such a tool to sort our shared Dropbox folder, containing photos of Lizzie. Christine, my Dad and I all have access to it and have all saved photos there, but the filenames are all in different formats. Those imported via Dropbox’s Camera Upload feature are automatically renamed to include the date and time in the filename, but others weren’t. Getting them in date order was really important for me, as I want the photos to show Lizzie from when she was born until the present day.

You can customise the format that Namexif uses, so I made sure that I matched Dropbox’s format to get all of the files in order.

Namexif is a Windows app. I’m sure that alternatives exist for Macs and there will be more advanced renaming tools out there. But Namexif does one thing well, and it’s free.

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  1. That’s a great find for an app. It’s a handy solve to a common problem. It’s great the range of apps being produced for computers and particular smart phones, which really are helping us lead ‘smarter’ lifestyles. Thanks for sharing your find.