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A year old

Photo of Lizzie on her first birthday

Lizzie turned one last week. I can’t believe it’s come around so soon, or how much she’s grown and developed over the past 12 months.

She had a low-key birthday, what with it being over Christmas and all three of us suffering from horrendous colds. Plus, I don’t think most one-year-olds really know what’s going on. She isn’t walking properly yet, unless you hold her hands, but she’s getting there. She’s quite adept at climbing stairs, and is very talkative, albeit in baby babble. And she gets very confused when you repeat her babble back at her, with the sort of expression that says ‘I do not think it means what you think it means’.

So far, her favourite new toy is this grey kitten from Hamley’s. We had to put away some of her other presents, mostly because she’s not old enough for them yet, but also to stop her getting overwhelmed by new things.

We’ll have a proper party for her later this month (note to self: book Lizzie’s birthday party). And we need to book her next round of vaccinations. That’ll be ‘fun’.

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