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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017! If you’re reading this, then congratulations: you managed not to be one of the many celebrity deaths of 2016!

I usually use my first post of the year to talk about what will happen this year, so, here goes:

Work on the house

We will be doing some more work on the house this year. We moved quite a bit further forward in 2016 but having Lizzie, and not having a lot of money, did mean that we didn’t do as much as planned. The key projects will be:

  • Finish the dining room. This involves replacing the architrave around one of the doors, sanding and varnishing the doors, erecting coving and building a sideboard unit (probably using Ikea Besta parts).
  • Paint and install floor coverings in the downstairs bathroom and hallway.
  • New tiling in the kitchen, and new light fittings.
  • Renovate what will be Lizzie’s room – reskimming the plaster, new wiring and removing a rather dilapidated built-in wardrobe.

If we’re lucky, we might also end up with a new sofa.


Towards the end of 2016, my weight started to edge downwards, and being ill over Christmas has meant that I’ve not over-indulged. I can’t recommend being ill as a weight-loss strategy, but I’m hoping to continue the trend in 2017. We’re eating out less, having smaller portions, and I’m getting slightly more exercise on the whole. I’m hoping to beat my 32 day streak of 10,000 steps per day on my FitBit.


Once again, we have a wedding in the calendar for 2017 already. The best man has already asked for some help with organising a stag do, which will be interesting – I’ve been on a few, including my own, but haven’t organised one before.

Keeping track

Compiling this year’s review of the year blog post was quite hard, because I did even less blogging this year than normal. There are several things that I just never got around to writing about, or, if I did, the blog post followed weeks or months later. This is mostly due to a lack of time but I would like to blog more frequently in 2017 if I can. Thankfully, I still check-in to places on Swarm/Foursquare which helped. 

But I’m also going to start a journal, using the Day One app. My plan is to summarise every day with at least 3 bullet points. I started today and hope to keep it up throughout the year. It’ll be private, but at least I’ll have a record of what I’ve done this year.


We don’t have a holiday booked yet. Money is still tight and so if we do go away, it’s not likely to be abroad – especially as Lizzie doesn’t yet have a passport. But there are plenty of places in Britain that we’ve never visited, and we have a car now.

I hope your 2017 is enjoyable and fulfilling. Let’s see how my year actually turns out in12 months’ time.

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