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My year in music

Screenshot of my year in music have this nifty thing which shows visualises your music stats from the past year. Here’s mine.

Well, I say ‘year’. The period covered is only until the 1st December, so it’s just 11 months worth. In mine, I listened to over 1800 different artists, and over 3000 different tracks, for a total of 8255 ‘scrobbles’ (which is parlance for an individual track play). That equates to approximately 20 days solid listening.

Unlike in previous years, a lot of my listening has been via Spotify, and less of my own music. I make a point of listening to Spotify’s Discover Weekly and Throwback Thursday playlists every week, which ensures more variety. Indeed, 48% of the artists that I listened to this year were ones that I hadn’t heard¬†before.

Whilst my use of Spotify has gone up, I still buy music to keep, and often I buy songs having heard them on a Spotify playlist.

It’s also nice to see a new feature on, at long last. Since its purchase by CBS a few years ago, I can’t help but feel that it has stagnated. There’s been a re-design of the site, but its apps haven’t been updated for some time. The iOS Scrobbler app¬†was last updated almost three years ago and maintains a pre-iOS 7 design aesthetic (even though iOS 7 itself was released in 2013). The Android app fares a little better but it’s still been a year since it saw any attention. And its radio feature was controversially killed-off in 2014 with little to replace it.

People like me have been using for a decade now, and built up a large amount of data. I’ll almost certainly reach 10,000 scrobbles next year. It would be great if could offer me more analysis of this data, like a monthly email overview. Setting up scrobbling on different platforms isn’t always straightforward and so it would be nice to be rewarded with some useful insights.

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