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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

A couple of weeks ago, Christine, Lizzie and I joined my parents and aunt/uncle on a day out to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, near Wakefield. We went last year, when ‘Wave’, consisting of hundreds of ceramic poppies, was on show. We managed to see a bit less than half of the site last time, so this time we did another bit.

The park is huge and I don’t think you could feasibly cover it in one day. Nor would you want to – the parkland is nice to look at, even without it being interspersed with sculptures. A series of pavilions offer some indoor attractions, but the park is primarily an outdoor attraction. Great for a fine day, but take your walking boots and warm coats if you’re going in winter.

Like the aforementioned Wave, some of the sculptures are in the park on temporary loan and so there’s a regular rotation of exhibits. A handful of those that I photographed last time were gone this time. It keeps the park fresh and ensures there are reasons to come back again.

As you’d expect, I put some of my photos up on Flickr. I imagine we’ll be back again at some point. There’s still some parts of the park that we’ve not covered.

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