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2006 vs 2016

All the cool kids seem to be comparing their lives in 2006 with 2016, so here goes.


Photo of me from 2007Ten years ago, I was still a full-time student, doing a postgraduate course in forensic computing at the University of Bradford. I was in the honeymoon period of my relationship with Hari, my then girlfriend, having met her towards the end of 2005. I lived in a shared rented house in Bradford with two other lads.

I only started using late that year. The bands I listened to most were Franz Ferdinand, Zebrahead, Linkin Park and Reel Big Fish.

2006 was also the year I started playing World of Warcraft, and when I had my first set of driving lessons. I also bought a MacBook, which was my second Apple computer.

The photo, incidentally, is from 2007. Having looked back through my photo library, there are almost none from 2006, and I didn’t join Facebook until the year after.


neil-2016Nowadays I work full-time. I’m still at the University of Bradford, but I’m being paid to be there rather than paying tuition fees. I’ve changed jobs a couple of times this year, but should now be settled in a stimulating role for the foreseeable future.

Christine and I celebrated three years of marriage this year, and we will have spent the whole year living in the large, three-bedroomed house that we bought last year.¬†Lizzie was born at the tail-end of December 2015. Of the two lads that I shared a house with in 2006, I’m still in touch with one of them – he was an usher at our wedding, and I’ve met up with him a few times this year despite him now living in London. Hari and I are still Facebook friends but it’s been over seven years since we saw each other in person.

Having finally passed my driving test last year, we’ve been able to enjoy a greater level of freedom with not having to rely on public transport so much. I also quit World of Warcraft after almost ten years as I no longer had the time. No new computer purchases this year and I’m still just about managing with my almost seven-year-old Mac Mini. I’d like to replace it, but can’t really justify the expense at present.

According to, I listened to Within Temptation the most this year. This is not really surprising, as I have most of their recent albums on my phone, and I’ve been to see them twice in recent years. I also listened to a lot of Alestorm, Delain and Nightwish; again, seen the first two of those three live. My musical tastes have tended more towards metal and away from club and punk-pop music.

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