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How to sync Runkeeper and Strava

Screenshot of Tapiriik, syncing data between Runkeeper, Strava and Dropbox

I’ve recently come across Tapiriik, a web site that lets you synchronise activity data between multiple fitness web sites. These include Runkeeper, Strava, Endomondo and ten others.

Between 2011 and 2015, I used Runkeeper to log my walks, hikes and gym visits. No runs though – I’m not a running or cycling person. I stopped using it about a year ago, for a few reasons:

  • Runkeeper does work with Fitbit, but only to synchronise your daily step count, calorie intake and sleep duration. The Track Exercise function doesn’t do anything.
  • I had problems with the Runkeeper iOS app constantly changing the volume when playing music in the background. I’m not sure if this was an issue specifically with my phone but it was annoying.
  • None of my friends use Runkeeper anymore.

Instead, I started using Strava, which has great Fitbit integration and is used by a number of my friends. Whenever I use the Track Exercise mode in the Fitbit app, my exercise data is also sent to Strava.

I can now use Tapiriik to synchronise that data onwards to Runkeeper. This ensures that any exercise that I record in Fitbit will appear in both Strava and Runkeeper. Plus, Tapiriik will synchronise historical data, so all of the pre-2015 activities that I completed in Runkeeper are now in Strava, and vice versa.

Tapiriik has another trick up its sleeve in the form of Dropbox integration. Add your Dropbox account to Tapiriik, and you’ll get a folder with the raw TCX files for all of your activities. That way, you can have your own backup of your data.

Like most services nowadays, Tapiriik runs on a freemium model. Free tier users can do a manual sync of their data, but you can pay as little as $2 per year to have your data synchronised automatically. Alternatively, you can download the code from GitHub – it’s open source, under the Apache 2.0 license – and run it on your own server.

Whilst none of my Runkeeper friends have logged any activities this month, should any of them decide to re-instate their accounts, they’ll be able to see my activities now. And my Strava account now has data going back five years. Even if I didn’t need the sync capabilities of Tapiriik, having a backup copy of all my data in Dropbox is useful.

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