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Month 10

Photo of LizzieLizzie has been around for almost 10 months now. I realise it’s been three months since I last wrote about her and that’s partly due to how busy we’ve been of late.

Christine went back to work at the end of July, so we’re coming up to Lizzie having been in childcare for three months. Her development since then has been amazing. In July, she could just about crawl backwards, in circles, but she wasn’t particularly mobile. Within weeks she was confidently crawling forwards and is now able to pull herself up to a supported standing position.

She’s not yet able to stand or walk unaided yet, but I’m guessing it’ll be a matter of time. And she’s starting to pick up on some words – her vocabulary is essentially limited to ‘mama’, ‘daddy’ and ‘hiya’ but it’s a start.

The decision to put her into childcare, rather than taking longer maternity leave, was difficult but was absolutely the right decision for us. Lizzie settled in well and because she learns off the older children, she is ahead of some other babies of her age who were born at a similar time.

We seem to be doing alright at this whole parenting thing.

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