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Seven months

Photo of Lizzie at 7 months old

Lizzie is now seven months old. This doesn’t sound especially significant, but it marks the point when Christine goes back to work full-time, at the end of her maternity leave.

We’re putting Lizzie in the care of a childminder during the daytimes. Whilst it would be nice for us to have spent more time with her on leave, the cost of childcare is less than the money we’d lose by not being in work. Plus, it gives her the opportunity to interact with other children – something she won’t get to do at home for at least a couple of years, assuming we decide to have any more kids.

Unfortunately, we’re only able to use the childminder four days a week, for the time being. This means that, until September, we have to look after her ourselves on Wednesdays. So, we’re taking it in turns – and today is my turn.

Whilst I have previously looked after on my own a couple of times, this has never been for more than a couple of hours – so a full day will prove interesting. Although I am chickening out to some extent, by meeting my mum in Leeds for lunch.

Lizzie isn’t quite crawling yet, but is able to manoeuvre herself backwards and in circles if given the chance. We’ve got a safety gate installed at the top of the stairs, and will be working on child-proofing the house before she gets more mobile. And her first tooth has made an appearance this week.

So far, I’m still enjoying this parenting lark.

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