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Five months

Collage of photos of Lizzie

Our daughter is five months old today. We seemed to have settled on calling her ‘Lizzie’, although she’s not yet responding to her name consistently. She’s desperate to start crawling – she’s worked out that she needs to move her legs and can support herself on her arms, but she’s still lying on her tummy. Once she works out that she needs to lift her tummy as well, I reckon she’ll be off. We really need to get on with baby-proofing the house.

We’ve started weaning her on and off. It seems to be going quite well – she’s eaten everything we’ve given her, and she’s getting used to sitting in her high chair. It’s a bog-standard IKEA one – everyone recommends it because it’s cheap and as good as any other, plus, a colleague gave us a seat cushion which fits it. Christine is still breastfeeding her.

She’s started to laugh and giggle in the past month, which is just the best thing ever. And no, she’s not really sleeping through the night yet.

As you can tell, we’re documenting her growth with plenty of photos, but also a handful of videos as well. I haven’t uploaded them yet, because I feel that they will need editing first, but I’ll hopefully get around to it someday. Either way, they’re there for us to watch again in a few years time, when she’s grown up a bit more.

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