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Departing Azeroth

Screenshot of World of Warcraft account being deactivated

After almost 10 years, today I deactivated my World of Warcraft account.

I’ve played the game precisely once during Elizabeth’s lifetime, at Christmas – she’s approaching 5 months old and I haven’t logged in during that time. Playing games has dropped down my priority list and I just don’t have time anymore.

There are other reasons. It costs money to pay and we’re a bit short of that at the moment, following another couple of recent household expenditures and the fact that Christine’s earning less due to being on maternity leave. It’s an expense that we can do without.

But I’m also not enjoying the game as much. The ‘golden years’ for me where 2007 to 2009, when I played alongside my then girlfriend and in an active guild. Most of my fellow guildmates have since¬†quit, or are spread out across different servers. Most of the time, I’ve been playing on my own or in ad-hoc ‘pick-up groups’ (or ‘PUGs’) which aren’t always a pleasant experience.

There’s also the issue of the next expansion, Legion, which is due to be released later this year. Normally I look forward to expansions – especially with there having been no new content in the game for months now. But my 6 year old Mac Mini won’t be able to run it, and I’m getting too bored with the game as it is to keep playing without upgrading. And again, it comes back to money – I don’t have the spare cash for a new computer, as much as I would like to upgrade.

My account is still paid through to the end of June – annoyingly, I bought another 6 months in December thinking I’d have loads of time to play whilst on paternity leave. But I doubt I’ll have the time to log in before then. Thankfully, cancelling your subscription merely freezes your account, so my characters will still be there waiting for me should I ever return to the game in future. But, for now, it is farewell to Azeroth.

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