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A 3D-printed surprise from Formsfield

Formsfield 3d printing

A few weeks ago, I got an email from the folks at Formsfield, offering to post me a 3D-printed ‘surprise’. So I said yes, and then last week a small ‘sorry you were out’ card from UPS arrived on my doormat. After collecting the package from a nearby shop, I took it home, and unwrapped it to find a letter and some components inside.

Formsfield 3d printing

Formsfield had sent me two items – a sort-of vaguely heart-shaped iPad stand, with my name on it; and the components to make a torch.

The torch was mostly plastic, but also contained some graphene – a type of carbon that is strong, light and can conduct electricity. Graphene was developed in Britain, at the University of Manchester, but the method used here was patented in Poland. And, coincidentally, that’s where Formsfield is based.

I’ve heard many things about Graphene so being able to use something that is made from it was quite exciting, as I’ve never encountered it before in real life.

Formsfield 3d printingFormsfield is a marketplace for 3D printing. You can buy products that Formsfield will print for you, or, if you have your own 3D printer, you can stream designs to it (provided that it’s compatible). And you can upload designs to sell to others.

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