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New lens

New camera lens

I’ve got a new lens to play with on my camera – a Canon EFS 55-200mm zoom lens.

It’s a replacement for my existing 80-200mm lens which originally came with the EOS 300D that I used to own. I’ve since used this old lens with my 450D, and now my 600D, and between my Dad and I it’s done well over a decade of service. As with most of my photography equipment, this new lens is a hand-me-down from my Dad, who has purchased a bigger and more powerful alternative.

It’s a big improvement over my previous lens. The range is greater and follows directly on from the standard 18-55mm lens that the camera comes with; having the thing you want to photography fall into the 55-80mm gap was an occasional annoyance with the old lens. Being able to zoom in further is also very useful, and, unlike the old lens, it has image stabilisation.

I put it through its paces at Lotherton Hall on Saturday and was very impressed. I was able to keep the lens on for all of the bird photographs – previously I would’ve needed to change lenses for some shots – and they all seem to have come out well. The only downside that I’ve found so far is that it’s bigger, and therefore takes up more room in my camera bag.

Photograph of deer

As a test of its zoom, here’s a photo of several deer that were a couple of hundred metres away. This was at maximum zoom, and yet the deer are still quite clear. That photo hasn’t been edited in any way, apart from to resize it. I’m looking forward to having some more fun with it in future.

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  1. Very nice. Look forward to seeing the results!