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Lumsing USB Desktop Charger review

Lumsing 40W 5-Port USB Desktop Charger

The folks at Lumsing have asked me to review their 40W 5-Port USB Desktop Charger. It’s an AC adaptor for USB devices, but whereas most just have one USB port, this one has five, allowing you to charge or power five devices at once.

That’s quite useful for modern households where people have more than one mobile device that needs charging. I, for example, have my iPhone, which needs charging every night; my iPad, which needs charging every other night; my Fitbit, which needs charging weekly, and various other Bluetooth devices and batteries. Rather than using several different AC adaptors, this desktop charger lets me plug them all into one wall socket.

In the box is the device itself, and an AC adaptor with a cable that’s around a metre long. Again, this is useful as it effectively extends the range of your charging cables by an additional metre – handy if your wall sockets are not in convenient places.

Lumsing 40W 5-Port USB Desktop Charger

The total current output across all five ports is 8 Amps, with each individual USB port outputting up to 3 Amps. That’s enough to charge two iPads and three other devices. It should also charge devices quickly, thanks to its high current.

Whilst it is bigger than most AC adaptors – to be expected, as it has more USB ports – it’s still quite portable and suitable for travel. Whilst the UK version ships with a standard UK ‘type G‘ plug, as you’d expect, it can handle input voltages from 100-240V.

The Desktop Charger is available from Amazon, for £12.99 in a choice of colours – I reviewed the orange one but it’s also available in black, blue and silver. And, until the end of Friday, you can use the discount code ‘UMA32KEA’ to get one for £9.99, saving £3.

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