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Two months

Elizabeth, sat on Grandma's knee

Elizabeth is now two months old (or nine weeks exactly, if you want to be specific). She’s growing steadily, and starting to develop a personality – she’ll smile at Christine and I when she sees us. And we’re getting better at working out what she likes (bumpy car journeys) and what she doesn’t (being put in the car seat, which precludes the former somewhat).

I’ve been back at work for a month now. Some days have been hard when we’ve had a rough night, but it’s been better than I feared that it would be. And Christine’s doing well; she’s been lucky in that she’s avoided full-blown post-natal depression but she has had the ‘baby blues’ recently. That seems to have cleared and she’s now enjoying being a mother. She’s also been trying to spend time with friends who have also recently had children to share tips. We’re a little unfortunate that we don’t have a lot of family living locally and so we can’t call on grandparents for childcare at short notice.

She’s now met most of her family, although we’ve yet to make it over to see my grandfather – that’ll happen next month, hopefully.

Elizabeth is still very small and weighs less than some newborn babies. Consequently quite a few of her clothes are ‘newborn’ size, despite her being two months old. But she’s putting weight on steadily and so we’re not too worried.

We still haven’t settled on whether we’re going to call her Elizabeth, Lizzy, Beth, Bethany, Liz or any other combination. We have a wide variety of pet names that we use for her interchangeably. I suppose we should probably start standardising on one name so that she’ll learn to respond to it.

Anyway, on the whole, she’s a happy, healthy baby, with happy but rather tired parents. I’m writing this with Elizabeth on my lap whilst Christine has an afternoon nap.

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