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App of the Week: Growth

Screenshot of the Growth appAs new parents, we want to make sure that we’re keeping an eye on our baby daughter’s health, and as part of this we attend weekly weigh-ins, to make sure that she’s growing well. Whilst this data is stored in her little NHS red book, it’s also handy to have it available on your phone, and that’s where Growth comes in.

Start by setting up your child – name, gender, birth date and due date (if different), and then you can enter height, weight and head circumference measurements each time they’re taken. You can back-date them if needed. Both metric and imperial (i.e. pounds and ounces) measurements are supported. Once you have some data entered, you’ll get a graph.

The graph also shows percentiles and trendlines for each week, so you can see how typical your baby is (Elizabeth is quite small comparatively) and how your baby’s weight should change over time. It also makes it easier to tell if your baby’s growth is stalling. Different graphs are provided, from the World Health Organisation and the Center for Disease Control.

The data you enter into the app can be exported to use elsewhere, or formatted in an email.

Like many apps these days, Growth is freemium. All users can add one child, and track their weight, height and head circumference. An in-app purchase upgrades you to ‘Growth+’, which allows you to monitor multiple children, and will calculate your child’s body-mass index (BMI) and display this on an additional graph. You can also export data in CSV format, and import data from other Growth users. If you prefer, you can also buy Growth+ as a separate app and have all features right from the beginning.

Growth is free, and is a universal app for iPhone and iPad, available from the App Store.

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