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A month

Photo of me holding my daughterElizabeth has been a part of our lives for a month now – well, 28 days to be exact. It seems like no time at all since she was born, in some respects, and in others it feels like forever. Especially at 4am when she’s woken us both up for the third time that night.

On the whole she’s doing well. The procedure to separate her tongue was a success and she’s now breastfeeding much better than before. But we’re still giving her mixed feeds as her appetite is huge, and Christine can’t keep up. She’s putting on weight – about an ounce (roughly 30 grams) every day and now weighs around half a kilo more than she did at her lowest. She’ll hopefully pass three kilograms by the end of this week (6 lb 10 oz).

Christine and I are doing okay as well, although there was much sleeping today as we’ve had a busy few days until now. We’ve been lucky that Elizabeth can sleep in the pram and in the car, so that we can spend some time out of the house.

This week is my final week of paternity leave, as I go back to work on the 1st February. We haven’t got much planned at present.

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