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14 years of blogging

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Today marks 14 years since my first blog post. No, I can’t quite believe it either.

Considering all of the things that have happened in my life over the past 14 years, I’m pleased with myself for finding the time to keep the blog going, even if I do go through periods of not writing anything for a while.

I’m hoping to be able to continue for some years to come. I’ll save the big retrospective for next year, as 15 is a rounder number. And I hope I’ll still be going in 2019, as by then the blog will be as old as I was when I started, but will also mean that I will have been running a blog for half of my life by then.

Considering all of the jobs, relationships, projects and friendships I have had in my life, keeping something going for 14 years is a real achievement for me. I hope I’m able to continue for years to come.

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  1. Fantastic. Many congratulations.