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Making a house a home (part VII)

New doors! It’s been three months since my last update on how we were getting on with the new house. We haven’t done a lot in that time, as we’ve had a small person to prepare for, but progress has picked up a little after Christmas.

My main aim is to get our dining room finished before I go back to work in three weeks’ time. The walls have all been painted green – or ‘crushed aloe’, as Dulux calls it – and this weekend a couple of friends helped us paint the woodwork and the radiator.

We’ve also finally got some internal doors downstairs. We had to take the old doors out so that the laminate flooring could be laid, back in September. However, after we took down the old doors, we realised just how much light they were blocking out. Natural light is something of a premium in our house; though we have nice big windows, they’re almost all on one side of the building. So we ordered some new doors which have built-in glass panels. The first two of these went up last week, with the rest following this week hopefully – and then they’ll need painting at some point.

The other jobs left in the dining room are to install some new architrave around one of the doors (which was damaged during the re-plastering) and installing coving at the top of the walls, to make a nicer join with the ceiling. With luck, I’ll be able to get these jobs done within the next couple of weeks.

Once the dining room is done, it’ll be the turn of the living room. We’ve made a start in there and so there is some paint on the walls, but it needs finishing off.

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