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Lumsing Grand A1 Plus power bank review

Lumsing Grand A1 Plus Power Bank

Over the years, I’ve reviewed a few power banks, and the latest is a model from Chinese manufacturer Lumsing, called the Grand A1 Plus.

Of all of the power banks I’ve reviewed, this one is the biggest, both in terms of size and charge capacity. It weighs 260 grams – a little over half a pound in old money – and is about the same width as an iPhone 6. Inside, is a 13400mAh battery. This means that the battery can deliver 1 Amp of current for up to 13.4 hours when fully charged. That’s quite a long time, and its capacity is significantly higher than many smaller tube-shaped power banks.

The power bank has two standard USB sockets, both of which can output at up to 3 Amps. This is higher than most other power banks, and even many AC adaptors, which should allow your devices to charge more quickly. And, it will regulate the current so that your devices aren’t damaged.

To recharge the power bank itself, there is a micro-USB input socket, and the power bank comes with a single short black USB to micro-USB cable. As it’s such a large battery, it can take up to 8 hours to fill it to full capacity.

Lumsing Grand A1 Plus Power Bank

That extra capacity will be of most use to tablet users. A fully-charge power bank will be able to completely recharge an iPad Air from 0-100%, with some left over. For smartphones, expect to be able to fully charge your devices several times over.

The front of the power bank has four blue LEDs showing its charge status – each represents 25% of charge. If all four are illuminated, then it’s fully charged. A button on the side switches the power bank on and off, and, if you hold it down, turns a small white LED on and off which can be used as a torch.

The Lumsing Grand A1 Plus power bank is available for £21.99 on Amazon, where it’s rated 5 stars at present, and can be bought in three colours: black, gold (as reviewed) and silver.

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