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Due date

Me and my daughter

Today is the day that Elizabeth was due to be born, based on her calculated due date. As it happens, she’s now two weeks old, as she was induced early. She’s doing okay, although she needs to put on some more weight, and will be going back in to hospital briefly for a tongue-tie division next week.

And, on the whole, we’re doing okay as well. Monday and Tuesday nights were the worst, as she would barely stop crying all night. But we seem to be able to get her to go to back to sleep now, mainly via the application of colic drops (simeticone) and ample amounts of milk. The aforementioned tongue-tie issue means that she’s currently receiving a combination of Christine’s breast milk and top-up feeds with infant formula; hopefully, Christine will be able to breastfeed her exclusively very soon.

The tiredness is hard, and earlier in the week I was also having some trouble sleeping which really didn’t help. The past few nights, however, have been more bearable. Whilst we’ve had broken sleep, on the whole, we’re still getting a reasonable amount. Just don’t expect us to be able to do anything before about 10am.

At first, if I’m honest, I was not enjoying parenting – the combination of a lack of sleep and a grouchy baby does not make for a happy experience. But I’m starting to enjoy it a little now. Hopefully, as she gets older and becomes more interactive, there will be more fun times to be had. I do have a lot of sympathy for those who decide not to have kids though – it is hard work, and can be emotionally draining.

I still have another three weeks off work, with my paternity leave officially starting tomorrow. It’s been nice to be able to spend time with my new daughter and I’m glad that I don’t have to go straight back to work tomorrow.

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