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2015’s most popular blog posts


Okay, so we’re a few days into 2016, but I thought it would be nice to review the most popular blog posts from last year. This is based on the number of views, and uses statistics provided by as part of the Jetpack plugin for self-hosted WordPress installations.

Top 10 new posts

These are the most popular new posts that I wrote this year:

  1. HP T1500 G3 UPS review
  2. The new Photos app on OS X
  3. The Rossendale Taxi problem
  4. D Trains of Future Past
  5. The Bradford Brewery
  6. App of the Week: Airmail 2
  7. Flooding in Sowerby Bridge
  8. Three + O2 = ?
  9. FAQ about next week’s rail strike
  10. The many perks of working at a university

I’m pleased to see some of my longer pieces do well, and it seems that commenting on current affairs remains popular, which is nice. None of these made the top 5 blog posts of all time though – these were:

Top 5 posts from previous years

  1. How to: rank Wi-fi networks on your iPhone (2013)
  2. Fixing your MacBook screen (2009)
  3. How to install the Windows 8.1 update (KB 2919355) (2014)
  4. How to migrate a Parallels virtual machine to VirtualBox (2008)
  5. Fixing high memory use caused by mds (2013)

These older blog posts suggest that I should write more how-to articles this year, as they have staying power – including one written seven years ago. However, generally, these blog posts come about because I need to solve a problem myself, and then I share what I found out. And, at the moment, I don’t have any major IT issues at home. Well, apart from a non-booting Raspberry Pi, but I put this down to needing a bigger SD card…

Hopefully some of what I write this year will make it into the top 5. The other good news was that 2015 saw more traffic to this blog than 2013 or 2014, and my announcement of Elizabeth’s birth was the 5000th post. Here’s to another 5000, although even if I do hit my target of one blog post a day it’ll be some time in 2029 before I reach 10,000 posts! And thanks to IanVisits for the inspiration for this blog post.

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