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Hello 2016!


Happy new year!

Christine spent the new year apart for only the second time since we met. Unfortunately Elizabeth had to go back into hospital on Wednesday, and so Christine stayed on the children’s ward with her overnight. She should be coming back home again today hopefully.

As is traditional, I check to see if I achieved my goals for 2015, and what I expect to do in 2016. So – how did I do?

  • Buy a houseyes, even if it did take most of the year!
  • Pass my driving test and buy a caryes!
  • Go to the gym more – nope. In fact my gym attendance was even worse last year.
  • Go to two weddings – yes, and they were the two that we were expecting, unlike in 2014.
  • Go on an overseas holiday – no, although I did get to travel abroad for work instead.
  • Visit London and Bristol – we managed London in October, but Bristol eluded us this year.

Not bad, on the whole. I’m hoping that I’ll have time over the next four weeks to go to the gym during the daytime whilst I’m on paternity leave, when it’s a bit quieter, and be able to make it a habit again. We could also do with an overseas holiday, although Elizabeth will need a passport first. We can’t order one until we register her birth, which we haven’t been able to do as the local register office has been closed over the Christmas period. We have an appointment booked for next week though.

Another thing Christine and I both need to do is clear our credit card debts, which together amount to a four figure sum. Once clear, we can start rebuilding our savings. Christine also needs to re-start her driving lessons, which she paused when she got too pregnant, and pass her theory and practical driving tests.

And we need to continue to work on our new house. There’s still quite a bit of painting to do downstairs, for which we’ve already bought the paint for but haven’t had the time to actually apply it to the walls. And we still have a lot of unpacking to do. Once we’ve saved up enough money, we’ll then look into turning our spare downstairs room into a cloakroom with a toilet and basin, and consider re-wiring the upstairs of the house.

But the main thing we want to do is spend us much time we can with Elizabeth, especially as she grows more self-aware and interactive.