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Flooding in Sowerby Bridge

Yesterday, saw some of the worst flooding in living memory in our home town of Sowerby Bridge. This report from the BBC shows some photos, and the Sowerby Bridge photo is taken from the flats in which Christine and I lived in until we moved in September. We lived in a third-floor flat, and so we would not have been directly affected, but the plant room for the apartments was flooded and that might’ve knocked out our electrical supply. The car park was almost completely submerged as well, so if our car had been parked there it would have almost certainly been written-off, as it would have been inundated by the flood waters.
Fortunately, our new home is on significantly higher ground and so isn’t at risk of flooding.

The main roads in and out of the town were blocked due to the flood waters, and so we had to drive along the back roads to get out. And although the rain has now stopped, I expect it’ll be some time today before the water recedes. There will be many people whose homes will have been flooded, and some businesses will have a race against time to re-open for the new year.

Elsewhere, Hebden Bridge has been badly hit again, after sustaining devasting floods in the summer of 2012. It’s going to be a grim new year for many in the Calder Valley.

You can donate to the Calder Valley relief fund here.

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  1. I have been watching n the gtv in France
    Andci can honestly say that I have never seen the Calder come over the bridge in the town and I lived there 20 years unbelievable