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Pesky little iOS 9 bugs

Like the good subservient Apple user that I am, I always update my iPhone and iPad whenever a new version comes out. Both my devices therefore run iOS 9.2.

However, since the release of iOS 9 earlier this year, my iPhone has been afflicted with several bugs – ones which were not present in previous versions, but have persisted through iOS 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2. Here’s a list of them:

Contact name not showing on text messages

When I receive a text message from someone in my contacts, I only see the telephone number in the notification and not the name from my contacts. The full name appears when I open the message, but not on the lock screen or notifications drop-down.

Oddly, this only affects my iPhone, and not my iPad (which also pings with text messages if in Bluetooth range of my phone), and it only affects SMS text messages, and not messages via iMessage. My contacts are synchronised via iCloud primarily, so it’s not like I’m using some weird, unsupported system.

Passcode required rather than touch ID

The first time you unlock your phone after restarting, after after 48 hours of non-use, it will ask for your passcode rather than using Touch ID. Which is fine, except sometimes my iPhone insists on it even when it hasn’t restarted. It’s hard to reproduce and just seems to happen randomly. It could, of course, be the result of a soft reset that I haven’t noticed, if some major component of iOS crashes.

Sound issues

There are two issues that I’m having with audio playback. The first is for any custom tone for text messages, emails or calendar alerts. When playing music, the volume dips, goes back up again, and then dips again when the alert sound is played before going back up for a second time. That first dip shouldn’t happen – it’s as if it dips the volume, panics, and then tries again. Using the built-in alert sounds doesn’t seem to trigger this, oddly.

The second issue mostly affects Runkeeper – if I try to use Runkeeper DJ, the music constantly dips and increases in volume. It’s as if it’s trying and failing to play a notification sound, but constantly.

No fixes

So these are the issues I’ve encountered, and, as I’ve said, they have persisted since the release of iOS 9. A couple of weeks ago, I did a full backup of my iPhone, wiped it, re-installed iOS 9.2 from fresh and then restored the backup. That seems to have made no difference as all of these bugs have popped up both before and after the reset.

I suppose the next thing to try would be another wipe, but this time I’d need to set my phone up as a new device. This may be a good idea, actually, as both times I’ve bought a new phone, I’ve used a pre-existing backup on the device. So there may be leftover data from my iPhone 4, which was running iOS 4. It would explain why I’m not having any of these issues on my iPad, which was set up as a new device running iOS 7, and why my Google searches to find out if others have had these issues have proved largely fruitless.

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  1. Yeah I’ve noticed, randomly, that the phone number appears on the notification instead of the name from my contacts when getting a text.